Tv Desk is a platform that allows you to solve a wide range of tasks for the purchase of video advertising, primarily on television. TV Desk is designed to increase efficiency and enable you to optimize purchases for agencies and advertisers. Tv Desk offers an informative and understandable interface and have two unique technological solutions: optimization algorithms and proprietary prediction algorithm.

The main modules of the system:

  • Bayer workplace
  • Forecast Modules
  • Integration module with the SSP system (VIMB API)
  • Module for raw data
  • Optimization module
  • Account management

Bayer workplace

The main user module of the system is the workplace of the buyer.

Buying a TV advertisement, the buyer works within the framework of the deals, therefore, for the convenience of campaign management, Tv Desk supports the accepted methodology on the market, all necessary information on transactions is available from the user interface of the system:

  • List of deals (prices and budgets by channels and months, purchase quality scheme)
  • List of campaigns for deals (split on channels, billing value and plans for GRP, targeted TRP)
  • List of videos placed within campaigns, weight distribution by rollers

The most important element of purchasing management is an automated optimization system that allows you to work with a wide range of parameters such as maximizing affinity, coverage, and stringency of matching % prime. (see the optimization and forecast modules). The system also provides the ability to build and upload a variety of reports.

Due to the fact that the software package allows you to connect and work with data from various systems (for example, CRM), then Tv Desk provides directories, docking data with the placement system and other settings for data management.


Forecast module

Own unique algorithm for forecasting and working with the grid allows you to get results as close to the planned.

The output module gives:

  • Forecast of ratings
  • Forecast coverage

Optimization module

This module of the system is constantly evolving, updated both due to the receipt of new data, and due to the constant work of our specialists on optimization algorithms. It is the high-quality work of this module that allows the buyer to be confident that the purchase parameters are the most optimal and take into account the influence of a large number of market factors. Bayer can:  

  • Maximize the scope, affinity, both separately for each campaign, and for the selected pool.
  • Visualize optimization parameters in the form of preliminary graphs and the obtained values ​​of GRP, TRP, cost, coverage

Integration with the SSP system (VIMB API)

Tv Desk has an API to the VIMB system of a single TV seller of Russian market, which allows continuous optimization of advertising companies in real time on all Russian television.

  • Import of nets (available volumes, bing ratings, program releases)
  • Import of the structure of objects (transactions, orders, media plans, rollers)
  • Import current placement - spot campaigns, including swimming
  • Import banning placement
  • Export commands to place, delete, replace spots
  • Import command execution results
  • Support of all available from VIMB
  • Monitoring the opening time of channels
  • Delay between setting operations
  • Log of successful and unsuccessful operations
  • Automatic renewal of accommodation from VIMB

This integration gives the buyer the opportunity to automatically place, change and control the quality of the purchase.

Account management module

We highly appreciate the observance of confidentiality, the preservation of our customers' data, therefore Tv Desk provides the role of an administrator to work with access rights and to ensure the delineation of user rights, for example, in transactions, brands and regions.

Tv Desk is a flexible and dynamically developing platform that allows you to connect different databases, make unique settings for specific tasks of clients, so the System Administrator interface, in addition to the standard access truths to all system functionality, allows you to make various settings within the client's business tasks.