TV Desk system

Russia's first Trading desk for buying TV advertising


The purpose of our company is to enable you to customize the parameters for purchasing advertising in accordance with the business objectives of the advertiser, providing an automated connection to various databases on the client's side and to the system of purchasing television advertising.


We strive to make the business of our partners as efficient as possible and constantly work to increase the capabilities of the platform.

In the near future TV Desk will be an online media planning and advertising service in Digital + TV, which allows you to find the optimal target audience, compose a media plan in a single Internet environment and/or television, purchase advertising and evaluate the effectiveness of its placement in an automatic mode.

  • Automation of purchase of advertising on TV
  • Automation of the purchase of advertising in various Internet systems
  • Cross Frequency Accounting
  • Mediaplanning and inventory forecast
  • Estimating the effectiveness of campaigns in real time
  • Optimize campaigns based on feedback received
  • Convenient interfaces with the possibility of self service


Programmatic, as a technology of authorized purchase of advertising, is gaining increasing popularity. This is due to the fact that advertising buyers are paying more attention to diverse target audiences, not limited to the socio-demographic characteristics, and, on the other hand, there is a rapid development platform with many features targeting, optimization techniques, there are successful cases of using BIG Data and CRM at purchase and placement of advertising. The task of effective purchase of advertising has become so multifactorial that it was impossible to solve it without serious technological, optimization platforms.